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Victims of Crime

Are you – or someone you are related to – a victim of a crime for which the offender is serving a federal prison sentence of two years or more?

Are you someone who provides care for a crime victim or their children where the offender is serving a federal prison sentence?

If so, you have a right to request information about the offender while they are serving a federal sentence.


  • Federal services available to victims.

  • How to register to receive information about a federal offender.

  • How the federal correctional and parole systems work; and

  • Federal restorative justice services.

Under the law, victims of crime have a right to certain information about the person who harmed them while that person is under the jurisdiction of the Parole Board of Canada.

How is a victim of crime defined in law?

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A person is considered a victim of a crime if:

  • They have been harmed as a result of a criminal offence.

  • They are a spouse, conjugal partner, a relative of, or person responsible for a victim who has died or cannot act for themselves (e.g., the victim is ill or a child).

  • They have custody for or are responsible for, dependents of a victim who is deceased or is unable to act for themselves.

  • The person who harmed them has not been prosecuted or convicted, but they have made a complaint to the police or Crown Attorney

  • Resource: Video - Services for Victims of Crime - Who is a Victim of Crime? -

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