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About Our Founder

I’ve lived in Sherwood Park for over 25yrs, where I raised my four children in this beautiful community of Sherwood Park.

We had the opportunity to foster several children in  care who grow up in our home.

My background consists of very diverse experiences.

I have worked on and off reserves with Child Services as an investigator for 13 years where I have  experience an array of issues, families and individuals face on a daily basis, I have sat on committees, completed file reviews and recommendations and involvement in many community services to find the best fit to assist my clients in their healing and growth.
The company started as a way to give back to this community and I have a passion to provide a faith base for all individuals regardless of economic status, 

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Marney Howard
Psychologist, B.A, MSc

My Vision

Howard & Associates Psychological Services, Inc., was founded in 2015, in Sherwood Park.

Over the past few years, we have grown and our goals are to serve our community in any way possible. We offer a number of clinicians with  varying and diverse skill sets. We also have students/ interns to meet the needs of anyone regardless of financial situations to access services. We have resource personnel to also allow people to find and meet their needs. We are committed to our community to serve them in any way we possibly can.

Howard & Associates Psychological Services offers a safe, respectful, and supportive environment for our clients. We provide therapy suited to individuals and families by providing clinicians from diverse backgrounds and areas of training. We are committed to understanding and meeting the mental health needs within our community.

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